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Step 1: Find the product to buy

* Find products from the Product category: select the category and line of the goods
Step 2: Select the product to buy

If the customer only buys one product, after viewing the product details, with size and color, please choose the size and color for the product and press the Add button to the cart to put the product in the cart awaiting the order and payment.
If customers want to buy more products at the same time, click the Continue shopping button to see more other products.
 - Press the Proceed to checkout button to order and pay.
 - If you already have an account, you can click here to log in to your account to pay the shopping cart. If you do not have an account, please fill in the required information such as full name, phone number, delivery address, email, click to create a new account and enter a password for the customer's account. If there is any other request, customers can add notes in the extra notes section.
- Click the Order button to receive order information.
- Accessories Skincaree will send confirmation of successful order to the email you provided. Up to 24 hours after placing an order (during working hours 8:30 - 19:30), the online sales staff of Skincaree Accessories will contact customer to confirm the order, report shipping charges and delivery time.

Note :
We only accept orders when providing accurate information about the address, phone number. After customers place an order, we will contact you again to check information and negotiate more relevant things.
In some sensitive cases: the order value is too large & the delivery time is in the evening, the delivery address is in the lane or may lead to danger. We will contact you to note specific delivery time.
The company commits that all goods sent to you are full of invoices and official warranty. Risks arising during transportation (impact, humidity, accident, ...) can affect the goods, so please contact the hotline of Accessories Skincaree 09543212334 to get prompt and timely support.

Some adjustments if customers want to change when ordering:

- To change the quantity of products in the shopping cart, click increase or decrease the quantity and click Update, we will record the number of changes and the total value of the order.

- To remove a product from the cart, click on the X icon at the product name in the cart.

- Click Continue shopping button to view more products.

Option 1: Order on website 

- You can call us directly for advice and receive the most convenient product.

- From 8:00 am - 10:00 pm (including Sun & except holidays) Accessories Skincaree staff are always ready to serve.

Option 2: Purchase by phone: 09543212334